With a world class road course as your backdrop, G2 Motorsports Park is unparallel to any other membership you’ll be a part of. Our members range from novice to professional drivers, and your membership is an open road to unlimited driving possibilities.

Behind the wheel, you can legally drive your vehicle to its limits within a controlled environment, while off-track building a comradery of automotive and driving enthusiasts amongst the community.

We offer a membership which has access to the 3.1 mile road course, Members Clubhouse, on-site garages, paddocks and more. Inquire today about becoming a member.

GOLD Membership includes ZERO INTEREST financing. Contact Lou Gigliotti for more information at 972.654.0072 or lougig2882@gmail.com



VIP Founding members will have exclusive access to VIP plus:
(Limited number availability founding VIP memberships)

  • Full track access on ALL member days

  • Exclusive Founding Member days***
  • First choice for motorsport garage space
  • First choice for VIP Luxury Private Garages (Must be VIP Member to purchase private garage)

  • VIP clubhouse access

  • Private meeting rooms for business

  • Family member lounge

  • Full family VIP access
  • Banquet – event room Priority booking 1 time no charge **
  • Swimming pool (Upon Completion of VIP Clubhouse)
  • Member access to Kart track no charge**(Phase II)
  • Professional race simulator
  • Private locker rooms – Founding members get permanent locker
  • Private Showers
  • Access to track video feeds
  • Limited number of track guests
  • Driver coaching at G2 Driving Academy**
  • All access on any member days
  • Exclusive Track Condos-VIP members only First choice**
  • Concierge Arrive and Drive service**
  • Valet service from Mckinney Airport
  • Physical training and exercise room

VIP Founding membership $100,000 Lifetime Membership & $500 Monthly due


  • 5 designated corporate employee members

  • 10 quests per month with track fee

  • Full catering available

  • Non-transferrable

  • Priority event center/clubhouse rental for corporate events

  • Priority private track rental for corporate events with clients

  • Priority “track car” rental for corporate functions or quests
  • Conference room available for corporate meetings

  • Classroom and on track motorsport/racing instruction

  • 2 large 4×8 sign space to acknowledge the company

  • Garage condo purchase allowed

  • Driver coaching and instruction available


  • 3 Designated corporate employee members

  • 3 quests per month allowed with track fee

  • Event center/clubhouse available for rent behind platinum level

  • Full catering available

  • Non-transferrable

  • 1 large 3×6 corporate sign space

  • Up to 10 clients allowed on track with track rental

  • Track car rental for clients and corporate members

  • Garage condo purchase allowed

  • Driver coaching – Instruction available

G2 Motorsports Park


Business Information

Driving Experience

Private Luxury Garage Units

We have 28 units for sale in phase 1. 3 buildings. 10 units in building 1 & 2 and 8 units in building 3. They sit 12’ up and have a perfect view of turns 2-3-4-& 5 plus more. Each private garage is supplied with water, sewer, separate electric service, and HVAC. We require 1/3 down to lock in your space then another 1/3 when the concrete foundation is poured, and the last 1/3 due at closing at the title co.

*NOTE: VIP membership included with NO EXTRA CHARGE with the purchase of every condo. If you decide to purchase a private garage at a later date, the initial VIP price will be deducted from the private luxury garage price*

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